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Cherry Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Remodeling

This NJ bathroom cherry vanity cabinet remodeling project is a great example of what customers want. Cherry vanity cabinets are not only just good looking but functional as well. They want a room that creates a relaxing atmosphere – a room that takes away all the troubles of a long hard day. When we design a bathroom we work hard to play down the parts that make it the room we need. Many times we like to try to dress up a vanity to the point where we almost forget that we are in a bathroom! For this bathroom remodeling, we designed a vanity with a hutch type feel. This greatly increased the storage space as well as providing different types of storage solutions. The small upper wall cabinets that sit on the counter allow for easy viewing of what is in the cabinet. The little drawer below each door provides useful storage for all those little items that get lost in a regular drawer deep drawer. The hutch also has large, deeper drawers for storing bigger items. The java framed mirror is a cleverly disguised medicine cabinet. We felt it would be much prettier to have the medicine cabinet look like a hanging mirror. Rather than matching the mirror to the rest of the vanity, we decided to use the java wood which provides a great contrast in color. The tub box offers a soothing atmosphere to relax after a long day! We used wainscot panels with a fluting detail to encase the tub box and create a more stunning profile. The nice thing is the panels are completely removable if a plumber needs to get back there at a future date. The deck around the top of the tub is granite and this ensures that the wainscot panels see very little water. The bathroom remodel also has a shower stall with all the amenities, including a built-in cutout to hold all essential toiletries. The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome of this NJ bathroom renovation project CLICK ON PHOTOGRAPHS BELOW TO ENLARGE

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