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Natural Maple Shaker Cabinets Kitchen Remodeling

Maple shaker cabinet in this  kitchen remodeling project was inspired by ancients use of stacked windows.The maple shaker cabinets perfectly accommodated both high and low windows. A more complicated stained door would take away from the effect the architect and home owners were trying to achieve. The inch and a half cherry shelf runs the whole perimeter of the room and is sometimes only visible as an edge between two cabinets, other times it is the only thing between the windows as in the corner. This creates a stunning contrast to maple shaker door style! Another interesting feature of this kitchen renovation was to sink the pantry kitchen cabinet into the wall space to maintain the style of the room and not have a large pantry cabinet visible in the design. The same thing was done on the other side of the kitchen for the wall oven & deep drawers by taking advantage of an open walkway. One of the things that customers appreciate most about choosing Top Drawer North for their kitchen remodeling NJ projects is that we pay a lot of attention to details in our design. It’s the little things in design that turn a kitchen from the ordinary to the extra ordinary and help us to deliver the dream kitchen to our customers CLICK ON PHOTOGRAPHS BELOW TO ENLARGE

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