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Kitchen Cabinets Anigree Polyester and Stainless Steel Remodeling Project

From beautiful Anigree wood kitchen cabinets, Countertops and stainless steel appliances/design, Top Drawer North offers different styles and trends in kitchen design for your total kitchen remodeling project.  This kitchen is simple in nature but offers so much in reality. It is a secondary kitchen in one of our customer’s homes so she did not need a lot of storage space. Of course, it still had to be functional and most importantly it had to have eye appeal since it is right off the bar and family room. The customer fell in love with the simple grain of Anigree wood kitchen cabinets. The polyester finish really shows off the grain and is also very easy to keep clean. Kitchen design challenge: The homeowner did not want wall cabinets on either side of the stove, and tiling the walls was not the answer. So we needed a creative solution for this custom kitchen renovation project. We ran a sheet off stainless steel behind the stove and had the manufacturer make up huge panels of Anigree wood for each side of the stove. The panels slightly overlap the stainless steel creating a stunning effect and the bonus is that both are very easy to keep clean. The stainless steel and polyester contrast and compliment each other at the same time! CLICK ON PHOTOGRAPHS BELOW TO ENLARGE Anigree Wood Kitchen Cabinets

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