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Home Cabinet Space Solutions

Space is always an interesting design challenge for kitchen remodeling projects! Our cabinet companies offer many innovative space solution ideas for maximizing storage.

Storing kitchen items has come a long way over the years. For the longest time fixed shelving was the only way kitchen cabinets came. This is since early kitchen cabinets were built on the jobsite and a fixed shelf was an integral part of the construction.

Then along came adjustable shelving which gave a lot more options for storing items in kitchen cabinets. This was it for many years until some companies started working on roll out shelves, and ways to use corners more effectively. Now a day’s when designing a kitchen remodeling project, almost every inch of a cabinet can be used with hundreds of different ways to store and retrieve items from your new kitchen cabinets. So, when planning your kitchen renovation, be sure to discuss the numerous options that are available. Include the ones that you will use all of the time. This will ensure that when your kitchen remodeling project is completed you will be happy with the new look as well the functionality of your kitchen cabinets. You can click on one of the pictures to enlarge or click the 'More' button for additional information about a particular storage space solution.