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Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

An important aspect to any kitchen renovation is color, and no one color is more important than the kitchen cabinets. These days any color from any palette is available and with the ability of computers to match existing finishes the sky is the limit. But one important aspect to the overall color is whether or not you choose distressed kitchen cabinets and this depends on the look you are trying to achieve. A distressed finish can be accomplished with many techniques such as glazing, spattering, sand trough’s, chain distressing and crackling.

Glazing is the most popular form of distressed kitchen cabinets where after the stain or paint is allowed to dry, a glaze is applied to the entire surface. The glaze is a special form of paint that comes in chocolate (brown), ebony (black), latte (white) or nickel (grey), and after it is put on is pulled off before it can dry. It is left on certain parts of the door (usually a detailed edge or panel) to create an outlining effect that highlights the details of the door. The glaze also deepens the overall color of the door softening the effect of the stain or paint. This especially works well on kitchen cabinets with painted finishes giving them a more natural aged look rather than a plastic look when paint is sprayed on a door.

Spattering is small flecks (about the size of a comma in this sentence) of glaze, usually ebony, that are scattered throughout the wood. It adds the appearance of age and character to the kitchen cabinets wood surface. Sand trough’s are when details of the door or drawer head are sanded through the paint or stain finish of the wood to reveal a bare wood appearance beneath it. This is done to add the look of age to the finish by randomly sanding through details of the door or drawer head. Chain distressed kitchen cabinets is just what it sounds like. Different size chains are used against the raw wood to create an uneven surface and dimples that add to the character after it gets finished. Crackling is done to a paint finish, and the best way to describe it is like blistered paint that was left on the wood. All of these techniques add character and the appearance of age to a kitchen. They take away the consistent modern finish, and make the room feel warm and inviting, like it has been there forever!

When remodeling a kitchen in an older home, choosing distressed kitchen cabinets adds character and age and works wonders for maintaining the overall style and feel of a period home. Stop by our showroom or contact us today to set up a free consultation for kitchen remodeling services in NJ & NYC metropolitan area.

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